Currently, ord is the only wallet supporting gro-control and gro-selection, which are required to safely store and send rare gros and inscriptions, hereafter ordinals.

The recommended way to send, receive, and store ordinals is with ord, but if you are careful, it is possible to safely store, and in some cases send, ordinals with other wallets.

As a general note, receiving ordinals in an unsupported wallet is not dangerous. Ordinals can be sent to any groestlcoin address, and are safe as long as the UTXO that contains them is not spent. However, if that wallet is then used to send groestlcoin, it may select the UTXO containing the ordinal as an input, and send the inscription or spend it to fees.

A guide to creating an ord-compatible wallet with Sparrow-GRS Wallet, is available in this handbook.

Please note that if you follow this guide, you should not use the wallet you create to send GRS, unless you perform manual coin-selection to avoid sending ordinals.