Ordinal Explorer

The ord binary includes a block explorer. We host a instance of the block explorer on mainnet at ordinals.groestlcoin.org, and on signet at ordinals-signet.groestlcoin.org.

Running The Explorer

The server can be run locally with:

ord server

To specify a port add the --http-port flag:

ord server --http-port 8080

To enable the JSON-API endpoints add the --enable-json-api or -j flag (see here for more info):

ord --enable-json-api server

To test how your inscriptions will look you can run:

ord preview <FILE1> <FILE2> ...

The search box accepts a variety of object representations.


Blocks can be searched by hash, for example, the genesis block:



Transactions can be searched by hash, for example, the block 1 coinbase transaction:



Transaction outputs can searched by outpoint, for example, the only output of the genesis block coinbase transaction:



Gros can be searched by integer, their position within the entire groestlcoin supply:


By decimal, their block and offset within that block:


By degree, their cycle, blocks since the last halving, blocks since the last difficulty adjustment, and offset within their block:


By name, their base 26 representation using the letters "a" through "z":


Or by percentile, the percentage of groestlcoin's supply that has been or will have been issued when they are mined:



You can run ord with the --enable-json-api flag to access endpoints that return JSON instead of HTML if you set the HTTP Accept: application/json header. The structure of theses objects closely follows what is shown in the HTML. These endpoints are:

  • /inscription/<INSCRIPTION_ID>
  • /inscriptions
  • /inscriptions/block/<BLOCK_HEIGHT>
  • /inscriptions/block/<BLOCK_HEIGHT>/<PAGE_INDEX>
  • /inscriptions/<FROM>
  • /inscriptions/<FROM>/<N>
  • /output/<OUTPOINT>
  • /output/<OUTPOINT>
  • /sat/<SAT>

To get a list of the latest 100 inscriptions you would do:

curl -s -H "Accept: application/json" ''

To see information about a UTXO, which includes inscriptions inside it, do:

curl -s -H "Accept: application/json" ''

Which returns:

  "value": 10000,
  "script_pubkey": "OP_PUSHNUM_1 OP_PUSHBYTES_32 156cc4878306157720607cdcb4b32afa4cc6853868458d7258b907112e5a434b",
  "address": "grs1pz4kvfpurqc2hwgrq0nwtfve2lfxvdpfcdpzc6ujchyr3ztj6gd9sfr6ayf",
  "transaction": "bc4c30829a9564c0d58e6287195622b53ced54a25711d1b86be7cd3a70ef61ed",
  "sat_ranges": null,
  "inscriptions": [